Don’t Wait to Enjoy your Life

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Have you ever told yourself, that you could not truly enjoy your life until you reached a certain benchmark?  This benchmark is often established when your current circumstances are not ideal or when you are not content with your current situation. Maybe you thought once you graduated from high school or university, you would begin to enjoy your life. But, after you graduated you thought, once you get married and had a stable job then you’d enjoy your life.  Yet, once you got married and had a stable job, you thought that once you have kids then you will begin to truly enjoy your life. However, once these things have come to fruition, you began to think that only once you retire you’d truly begin to enjoy your life. Finally, you retire and start truly enjoying your life, yet you feel regret. Why?  Every moment on earth is an opportunity to enjoy the general grace that God gives to all humanity. Furthermore, at every stage of life, we experience different struggles, joys, hardships, and breakthroughs. In all of these experiences, we are told in the Bible to glorify God through them, but not only that, we are told to rejoice in them (Phillipans 4:4). Not all of your life circumstances are going to be enjoyable, but since God has given us the amazing gift of life, it would be a travesty to wait to enjoy it. There will be hard seasons of life, but each season will show you God’s grace in new ways.  Life will never be 100% enjoyable. So, don’t wait until you have reached some benchmark like graduating, getting married, having kids, or retiring.  Stop waiting, enjoy living!

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