New Year, New Fear?

As the New Year approaches, all sorts of emotions come over me.  As I reflect on last year, I acknowledge my struggles, successes, and changes that have taken place.  Some of my struggles that I experienced are related to my frequent feelings of inadequacy. This feeling of inadequacy is not just in regards to my adequacy in meeting God’s absolute moral standard but is also in regards to my inadequacy in meeting my own standard of intelligence, finance, and preparation for the future.  For most, inadequacy is not necessarily a problematic feeling if we can realize that because of Christ sacrifice, we are made adequate in Him.  The problem arises when we attribute our self-worth to meeting arbitrary standards of adequacy. I would consider that my new creative outlets were a success this year.Image result for isaac mogilevsky Not that they are very popular or anything, though I am encouraged by the kind words thus far. For a long time, when I was discontent with my routine, I would think to myself ” I want to do something”. Rather vague, wasn’t it? But that was the extent of my thought, I just wanted to do something. Don’t get me wrong, I was doing things, but there was always something missing. I’m thankful for this year because I’m finally “doing something”.  As there are with every year, changes take place though I can’t think of any significant changes that have happened this year. There is also great anticipation for the new year but with this anticipation comes a feeling of uncertainty for the future. Uncertainty is especially prevalent this year because I’m about to embark on a transitional year in my life. believe me, I wouldn’t have it any other way. There comes a time in one’s life, where a person says “goodbye” to the old definition of normal and embrace a new normal. This new normal can bring with it many new uncertainties, that when improperly addressed can lead to new fears. When confronted with this fears, we have an important decision to make. Are we going to let these fears get in the way of embracing new opportunities in the new year or are we going to listen to Psalm 27:1 when it says ” The LORD is my light and my salvation— whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?”. A new year can bring new fears, but if we draw near to Christ, He will be our stronghold! Happy New Year!

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