What is Love?

What is love? Is it words that we speak or is it helping others when they’re weak? Is it a kiss or touch that we cherish so much?

These things have their place and are a direct expression of Gods loving Grace, but if we limit love to such a small definition we’ll miss out on the full prescription.

Love is not the exclusion of correction, but it is the loving hand of direction. Not simply a romantic love produced by attraction, but a love manifested through action.

A love regardless of what we do, a love that will pursue, unconditional through and through.

Enacting this kind of love may seem impossible to you because our sin creeps up and brakes through, but let this ring true, Christ’s perfect love overthrew sins hold on you.

So beware therefore of love that is untrue, a love only based on physical attraction, but when life gets hard there’s dissatisfaction or a love consumed with what it can take, whether it be identity or worth, you’ve made a mistake.

Seek God’s perfect love with all your might, apply it to your life and delight, that you may show God’s perfect light.

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