God, I have a Question.

God,  I know I’ve been saved by your mercy and grace, yet I feel like I’m still a disgrace. Image result for dark CloudI question whether I’m a Christian at all when all I do is stumble and fall.

I try to contemplate your love for me, but guilt and shame cloud all I see, This cloud it follows me until all I have left with is my sad attempt at sanity.

This is not what God had planned for me, to live in disparity, in a darkened sea, where all my sin is tormenting me, but for me to live in unity, with the only one who can make me free, I’ve known this for a while now, but yet I don’t know how!

God, I need your help, you’re the only one who can make me a new self.  This is what I truly seek, to live with god in eternity, and live on earth with serenity, instead I trusted me, and intern the cloud is all I see.

I need God to take this cloud from me because on my own there’s just depravity. So I look to the Lord where my help comes from and he points me to his Son, he’s taken my place, he’s taken my disgrace.

When God looks at me he sees the Sons face.  The cloud is gone; I’m finally free because that is what Christ has allowed me to be. I was once a child of wrath darkened and confused; now I’m a child of God that he chooses to USE.

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