The Question of Death

Why is there Death when God sees it? Why is there hurt when God heals it? Lots of people want to know if God is good where did he go? Did He checkout after creation or does he not have the power to save a whole nation? If he’s truly loving and powerful then why are our cemetery’s full?  The question of death may seem hard to answer, why do people get cancer? Why is there disease? These things ought to bring us to our knees, yet some look to humanist thought, they say you die and rot, but there’s no hope in the message they got. In order to find the answer to this difficult conundrum, we look to the Bible where all answers come from, in the very beginning perfection was in place, no death, no disgrace, but because of Adams sin, death took perfections place. Death, it may be hard to comprehend, why do bad things happen to good men? No one does good, no one seeks what is right, in Gods sight we’re all guilty and rightfully his to smite, but Jesus heard our plight, he made us right with the God of light, he rose by the fathers might and in him we delight! One day by God’s grace, perfection will take death’s place.

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