Declaration of Sin Dependence

In the beginning, we were set apart it was planned out from the very start but rebellion starts in the heart and from this, we could not depart, it was independence we sought, independence from God who knew us by heart! The consequence of this independence was that in his impenitence we transferred a nature of sin dependents on our decadence, but God in his transcendence sent Jesus to take our sentence. Dependence on sin has been innate from within since Adam rebelled we dwelled in sin. The conundrum is this, God commanded us to image him instead we imaged sin, without Christ payment on are behave we were set up for wrath. Thank the lord for the lamb fully God and fully man, not a blemish in
Sight, he did everything right, in this he secured the ransom we don’t deserve. Once dependent on sin, now dependent on him. The glorious king, who rules over everything!

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