The Greatest Story Ever Told

Have you ever read a book with a story so good that you just couldn’t stop raving about it? Maybe you’ve watched a movie so impactful that it led you to tears. Stories have a way of impacting us that is unique from different art forms. The way they draw us in and let us connect with the characters on an individual level makes it difficult to stop reading or watching. Not only that, but they also form the way we perceive the characters. Whether to despise the villain or have sympathy for him and in some cases have us cheering for the villain. A comeback story is rarely read or watched without experiencing chills and a triumphant victory leads us to a vicarious celebration. A great story challenges one’s perspective and digs deeper than surface level emotion.  These kinds of stories are rarely kept to ourselves. Why is this? I believe the answer to be that we wish others to experience what we just experienced. To feel what we just felt, thrill, excitement, discovery, heartbreak, break through, and triumph. Furthermore, we wish others to be impacted by the message of the story as well. Time for another question, do you talk about the Bible with the same kind of excitement that you have when introducing someone to a great story? The Bible is the greatest story ever written and it’s not fiction either! We ought not to let the Bible become old and dry, instead let the Bible draw you in as you connect with characters like Moses who was not good with words, yet God used him to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt or Paul’s story from persecuting Christians to his dramatic conversions and dying as a martyr. These stories and others ought to captivate us. Furthermore, we ought to praise God through the reading of them.  I encourage you to take another look at some of the “typical” Bible stories and admire them as God’s revelation in the greatest story ever told!

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