When they don’t understand

 The Gospel changes us

The Gospel changes how we approach entertainment, education, career, family, and friends. Really everything, or at least it should!

However, an interesting circumstance arises when we are immersed in a culture that does not understand our worldview that informs why we do what we do.

The unbeliever is particularly confused when we adhere to the Bible’s stance on things like:

Sexual purity

The belief that God has designed human sexuality and sexual union to be fulfilled only through the bonds of marriage doesn’t make sense to a generation that believes their goal is to derive as much pleasure from life as possible.

Loving our enemies

Loving our enemies is opposite to our natural inclination, as we would much rather get revenge than to love. Christianity separates itself from other religions when it compels us to leave the ultimate judgment to God. This doesn’t make sense to someone who sees their own subjective justice as the only good and right standard to uphold.

Be Authentically Christian

Though the world might not understand us, we must embrace authenticity and be true to God’s word.  

Furthermore, we show ourselves to be quite odd to the world when we abstain from movies with nudity, explicit lyrics in music, and the like.

However, I would encourage you to not let the things you abstain from become something of which to boast. Instead, let us use the desire of others to understand, as a springboard into a meaningful conversation about why we do what we do.

To simply hold to God’s moral standards because it gives you the means to be self-righteous is, in fact, no better than disregarding His moral standard in the first place.

Let us be a light to the world and when they don’t understand why we do what we do, lead them to the Gospel!


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