3 Steps to go from Apathetic to Passionate

I don’t care

How many times have you heard those words come out of a millennial’s mouth?

My guess is that if you’re a parent of one, the answer is too many. But the question must be asked. How has this mindset of apathy worked its way into millennials?

Whether it is related to mundane everyday things or the pivotal cultural issues, too often millennials demonstrate significant disinterest.

This mindset of apathy can result from the belief that God can’t use them to have an impact on current cultural issues. This lie is too often the cause of many millennials staying out of the battle.

However, you may think most millennials are just lazy which is the reason they stay out of battle.

Well, if you are inclined to generalize all millennials as lazy and uncaring,  you may be not only uninformed, but you also may be cutting yourself off to an opportunity to truly understand them.

Give them a reason to care!

  • Why is this cause important to you?
  • What implications does this cause have on my generation?
  • In what way could my faith spur me onto not only caring about this issue but also to action?

They want to care

Don’t just discount them as lazy. Engage the millennial generation with an understanding that they want to care, but because of multiple reasons, they often are complacent with a mindset of apathy.

It’s time to start caring

Don’t get me wrong, millennials don’t get off scot-free here. Caring takes intentional effort. We all feel the influence of the world that says that “it’s just easier to stay out of it.” However, we must realize our Christian worldview necessitates a response to these ongoing cultural issues. We cannot remain silent!

From Apathetic to Passionate  

There are three things to remember to help you go from apathetic to passionate:

  1. Our Christian worldview necessitates us to care and to respond to important cultural issues 
  2. God can use you to make an impact on our culture 
  3.  Don’t just take the easy road, let your passion for God draw you to a meaningful intentioned response







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