3 Keys to Online Purity

Addressing the Taboo 

Online purity is often regarded as a taboo topic in Christian circles. However, in this age of technology where anyone can access anything with the click of a mouse, I think we need to examine and evaluate our approach.

Today I want to give you 3 keys to help you maintain purity online.

1. Heart Change

First, none of the other keys I’m about to give you will help unless your heart is in the right place. A heart that is complacent in its pursuit of the Lord will carelessly wander online, and make only a halfhearted attempt to seek purity.

Instead, only the real heart change that Christ provides can change a heart to one that battles vehemently against sexual immorality.

  • 2 Timothy 2:22 
    “So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.”

2. Know your weaknesses 

Ok, let me give it to you straight. Lying to yourself doesn’t help anyone and trying to seem less tempted to give yourself the appearance of being more sanctified doesn’t glorify God.

Regardless of your level of temptation in this area, it’s important to acknowledge to yourself and to the Lord, that you are sometimes tempted.

This will help you create a game plan that will help you battle your own temptations online.

3. Don’t Battle Alone

Personal holiness is very important in a Christian’s life, but just because it’s “personal holiness” doesn’t mean we have to battle for holiness alone.

In fact, with an issue this widespread and this common, it would be an utter insanity to not address, discuss, and battle this issue together as a gospel-centered community.

I hope that you have a community, so you can have honest and forthright discussions and be encouraged to “live a life worthy of your calling you have received.” Ephesians 4:1


Leave a comment on what are some tactics you use to maintain purity online?


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