Waiting for Your Prodigal: “Love Is” (Part 1)

Running from God

At one point in all of our lives, we were runners. Suppressing the truth as we ran from our maker.

Pride, self-sufficiency, and love for sin drove us further from God as we ran at our own peril.

Selfishly, we used our God-given talents and gifts for our own personal gain, as we recklessly abandoned God’s call for our life.

Yet, when God transformed our hearts, we then were able to see our sin in light of God’s perfect character, which leads us to repentance and faith in Him.

For many of us, this was a slow and gradual process in which God was drawing us to Himself. He’s patient love was drawing us home.

                                           LOVE IS PATIENT 


Maybe you have someone in your life right now who is running from God. You may have thought at one point that they were a disciple of Jesus, but now as they run from Him, you believe that they never knew Him in the first place.

You wait at the door, praying that they would turn from their ways and that God would draw them home, but they keep running.

Patient love for the prodigal is a painful love

As much as we would hope and pray that they immediately turn from their ways and come to Christ, often it’s a long and painful process.

Someone that, at one time, seemed to be following Christ and then turns away from Him, will, in turn, cause great pain to those who love them.

Don’t lose hope 

My encouragement to you today is to show God’s patient love, just as He showed you when you were running from Him. Let that draw them back. Those who rebel will rarely return when all they hear is a voice of judgment. Keep your doors open, displaying God’s patient love for the prodigal.

A patient love that speaks truth is the main means by which God draws prodigals to Himself

Let the patient love of Christ draw them back. 

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