5 Ways to Maintain a Homeschooling Mentality after Graduation

1.Think with creativity, originality, and “outside the box.”

Throughout my homeschooling journey, I was constantly encouraged and given opportunities to think creatively. This was especially important as I developed my problem-solving skills. The ability to step outside a situation and evaluated it with a thinking “outside the box” mentality is rare in our conventional thinking society. After graduation, I encourage you to continue to step outside of a situation and think with creativity, originality, and an “outside the box” mentality.  

          2. Pursue your interests

One of the great benefits of homeschooling is the ability to go beyond surface level knowledge of a subject, to dig deeper into what interests us. Going deeper into your interests lead to excellence as your giftedness and talents are fully expressed.  After graduation, continue to pursue your interests with passion.

3. Take advantage of flexibility and live with spontaneity

I can remember multiple occasions in which I would look outside on a cold winter’s day and see 2 feet of snow. At the sight of this snow, I immediately would become very excited. My mother would let us leave our “seat work” for the morning in order that we would be able to play in the snow. Even after graduation, take advantage when you have some flexibility in your life. Furthermore, taking an opportunity to be spontaneous will continue to add excitement to your life.   

  4. Look at problems as opportunities to grow

Homeschooling provided no shortage of problems. However, being around your family constantly has glorious benefits. One of those benefits is that every problem that we face can be used to develop our character and grow as people. This thought should certainly not stop after graduation. In fact, I believe this time of life is the perfect opportunity to continue to look at problems as opportunities to grow.

5. Continue to live in Christ-centered community

Another amazing aspect of homeschooling is that we were a part of a Christ-centered community. This God-given gift of community encourages us, sanctifies us, and loves us. As an Alumni, continue to pursue Christ-centered community, it’ll take work but it will most assuredly be worth it!  

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